Salmon fishing in Oregon is a tradition tightly woven into the cultural fiber of the land. For thousands of years, mankind has honored the Salmon with spiritual importance, adopted it as a cultural symbol, hunted it for sustenance, and of course, fished for the sake of pleasure. Salmon are typically anadromous, meaning they are born in fresh water, migrate to the ocean, and then return home to fresh water in order to reproduce. Just as the fish travel from place to place, savvy anglers follow them in hopes of landing a prize.

In Oregon, fishermen mainly cast for two species of salmon: Chinook and Coho. Fall brings out giant Chinook salmon, known as Kings, whereas Springers (Chinook salmon caught during the spring) are said to be some of the tastiest fish on Earth. On the other hand, Coho salmon, also known as Silvers, are a blast to catch due to their characteristic lively spirit. Whatever your game is, you’d be hard-pressed to find better salmon fishing anywhere in the world than Oregon’s Willamette Valley and coastal rivers. Willamette Valley Outfitters encourages you to come see for yourself. Breathe in the majestic natural beauty of the landscape, cast your line, and lose yourself in a one of a kind experience thousands of years in the making!